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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can hold many bacteria and dirt that a simple mopping will not clean up. We use all NewLine Industry chemicals to pre-treat and ensure each and every grout line and piece of tile is cleaned properly.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process:

1.) First we pre-soak all floors with NewLine Industry chemicals. Depending on the type of hard floor and stains, we either is a Hi-Test alkaline booster, Homerun, which is a low pH cleaner with low acidity, or a combination of the two. We then scrub all grout lines to ensure the chemicals are throughly worked into the surfaces.

2.) After the chemicals have set, we use our tile and grout rotary steamer which steams at 250 degrees and up to 1200 PSI (depending on the surface)

3.) We then hand dry all tile and grout.

4.) As a last step, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND a sealer. This helps protect the tile and grout to ensure cleanliness for time to come. This step is either done with a hand roller for grout lines or a mop application method.

With our years of experience and time tested methods, we can ensure you we will have your tile and grout throughly sanitized and cleaned.

Home Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning Services for the following areas in Southwest Florida:

  • Naples, Florida
  • Estero, Florida
  • Bonita Springs, Florida
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