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Carpet Cleaning Process

We use all NewLine Industry chemicals. Our Carpet Cleaning Service is done by a 4 step deep steam cleaning method . This process starts by first vacuuming up dirt and soil from your carpets. Then we pre spray the carpets with a super concentrated traffic lane cleaner and deodorizer. We then take our carpet wand and steam clean the carpets and extract the dirt and soil spray with up to 1,000 Psi (depending on the type of carpet) of steam and hot water. Finally we brush out the carpet with a groomer to help it dry. We use Heavy Duty commercial grade equipment & chemicals. 

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning and is best when using a truck mount. The process consists of putting down a pre-spray and then extracting the dirt and chemical with a carpet cleaning detergent. This is usually done with a wand or another rotary attachment.

The truck mount is your best choice because it provides heat and plenty of suction. There are four principles when it comes to carpet cleaning: Time, Temperature, Agitation, and Chemical.


refers to the amount of time you let the pre-spray sit on the carpet. Usually 10-15 minutes depending on how heavily soiled the fibers are.


refers to the temperature of the water that comes out of the truck mount. A truck mount will provide the highest temperature which will give you optimal results.


is archived either by using a wand or a rotary machine.


is the carpet pre-spray and the detergent. Some people will also add boosters to their detergent.

Home Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning Services for the following areas in Southwest Florida:

  • Naples, Florida
  • Estero, Florida
  • Bonita Springs, Florida



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